From the big picture to the smallest details

RIWIS has been tracking the real estate market since 1990, identifying trends and forecasting developments. So that you can compare markets, properties and locations, for all asset classes.

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For Investors

Become faster, more precise and better. In portfolio management, RIWIS provides economic trends and market fluctuations at any time and helps to identify potential at an early stage.

For researchers

With RIWIS, you offer all committees and decision-makers short response times and a high level of expertise. The comprehensive data enable precise comparisons and are immediately ready for presentation.

For financiers

With RIWIS you can always assess the risks of your portfolio and safely evaluate loans and credits. RIWIS is independent and supports you with comprehensive, objective data - plausible and consistent.

For asset, portfolio and risk managers

RIWIS brings together current market events and knowledge of the competition. Comparables (comparable rents and transactions) and pipelines provide information on the rental potential of the company's own properties and the risks of current new developments.

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