Cities and Municipalities

Do the local amenities still meet the actual demand? What concepts can be used to counteract the decline in activity? Are new projects compatible with the existing inner-city retail structure?

We support cities and municipalities with market analyses, qualified retail concepts, impact and after-use analyses, among other things. Our team has many years of expertise in this area and one of the best databases in Germany.

Contact: Andreas Gustafsson, Division Manager Municipal Retail Concepts,, Ph. +49 40-423222-15.

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For our magazine, we have summarized relevant topics, often based on our studies, analyses and projects, and prepared them in a reader-friendly way. This guarantees a quick overview of the latest news from the real estate industry.

Shopping centres: What do customers think?

In the Corona years, many centre owners had to look after their tenants first and foremost. Now, at last, shoppers are flocking in again. Especially now, customer response analyses make sense because many things are in a state of upheaval. Here are some survey results

There would be enough money

There is a lack of administrative and functional buildings, day-care centres, schools or nursing homes; in addition, the refurbishment backlog and investment arrears add up to billions. On the other hand, investors are looking for sustainable investment opportunities. With the short study "Public Infrastructure Real Estate", we have investigated the demand for different types of real estate for the Barton Group and Audere Gesellschaftsimmobilien.